Why the Dutch Wear Orange – The Results

Imagine you’re watching your favorite TV show, and it ends with a cliffhanger. How would you feel if the producers never followed through with the storyline? Frustrated? Betrayed?

This month’s marketing lesson is about the importance of follow-through in life and in business. A savvy businessperson is careful in making commitments and then takes extra care to deliver on those promises. Some call it “Underpromise and Overdeliver.”

Along that vein, we owe you some followup on our Stroopwafel promotion. You may remember that last month we asked you to send in your most accurate and/or creative answers to Why do the Dutch Wear Orange? The Dudley & Nunez Community did not disappoint. We received many accurate —- and many less-than-accurate but certainly creative —- responses.

Many of you found your answers through your “Googling” talents. Others brainstormed that the orange was to make the Dutch visible in the snow . . . or in the event a dyke were to break. Some felt it was an homage to the beautiful Dutch tulips, while others thought it reflected the character of the Dutch people: strong work ethic, cheerful nature, friendly and open personalities.

Some of your highly creative answers involved carrot famines, protests advocating pumpkins as curling stones, and scurvy epidemics due to the lack of orange trees at sea level.

From all the responses, our Dutch authority, Marco, picked the following:

Accurate Answer: Clarissa C.

Humorous Answer: Susan B.

Creative Answer: Tim O.

Thanks, everyone for participating.

Why the Dutch Wear Orange

If you watched speed skating in the recent Olympics, you saw a lot of orange. The Dutch skaters took home 21 of the 30 individual speed skating medals as well as gold in the team events. But do you know why the Dutch wear orange?

I didn’t … until one of our newsletter readers in The Netherlands started corresponding with me. And several emails later he was offering to send Stroopwafel (traditional Dutch cookies) to the Dudley & Nunez fan who best answers that question.

So what’s the marketing tip for the month? Remember there’s more to business than strictly business. Take time for networking, online and offline, simply for the sake of connecting. You never know when it might lead to referrals, new orders . . . or even Stroopwafel!

Are You Focusing on the Customer?

Valentine’s Day, Cupid, romantic dinners–it’s all about love this month. So, what are you doing to make your clients or customers feel loved?

One of the best ways is to remember to use “you” rather than “we” or “I” in your marketing. Humans by nature are selfish creatures. Even your nicest client wants to know “What’s in it for me?” Instead of messages such as “We are proud to feature” or “I’m excited about our new product line,” try focusing on your client. For example, phrases such as “You won’t need to worry about . . .” and “You’ll save money and hassle” put the focus on your client (where it belongs).

Does your marketing focus on the customer?

Share What Others Are Saying!

Are your customers saying nice things about you? If so, are you documenting these endorsements and sharing these good reviews on the web and elsewhere?

If not, make it a 2014 resolution to start sharing. After all, advertising is changing. Studies show that 90% of consumers give credence to testimonials but only 14% believe traditional advertising.

So when our video producer suggested cutting testimonials from the end of this one-minute video, I opted instead to trim my portion.

Did I make the right decision? Watch the one-minute video on our Constant Contact Page of this website and let me know what you think!