3 Ways to Be a Better Business Writer

In business, clear communication is essential. So in this blog post, we’re featuring business writing tips (plus a BONUS!) from our colleague Wendy Alexander of wendywrites Writing & Editing Services.

 3 Ways to Be a Better Business Writer

1. Be clear. Avoid a big word if a small one will do.
Choose “know” if this will be clearer than “am cognizant of.”
Choose “start” or “begin” if this will be clearer than “commence.”

2. Be positive, even when you are communicating a deadline or requirement.
Poor: We do not hold reservations after 10 p.m.
Better: We hold reservations until 10 p.m.

3. Be specific. Avoid abstract language (and the use of “it”).
Vague: I will send it in the near future.
Specific: I will send the draft on Friday.

BONUS:  Be a writer who uses the active voice. Avoid the constructions “there were,” “there are,” “it is,” and “it was.” Active voice uses fewer words and is clearer and more direct.

Passive: The report was written by the consultant.
Active: The consultant wrote the report.

Happy Marketing!

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