3 Ways to Have Others do YOUR Marketing

Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to market?

While this blog post won’t let you off the hook, it will give you some ideas on how others can do some of the heavy lifting for you.

3 Ways to Have Others  Do YOUR Marketing

• Testimonials: Your customers are saying great things about you. Start documenting and sharing those positive comments.

• Partner and Co-Promote: I recently partnered with three other ladies on a Back-to-School for Women in Business series. Combining all our marketing resources multiplied our reach, i.e., four email lists, four sets of social media accounts, four sets of contacts, etc.

• Be a Guest:  Always be on the lookout to be a guest. Could you share your expertise as a guest speaker at a live event? Do you know someone with a podcast? Or could you write a guest blog post or be featured on someone else’s blog?

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Try one of these ideas this month and see how your marketing improves with the help of others.

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