My husband will be receiving his MBA soon and decided it was time to update his LinkedIn profile, including his professional photo.  

Is it time to update your professional photo? Read on to make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes.


5 Professional Headshot Blunders

1c3e1330-eefb-4ddc-a919-3611f8bc0874You cropped your headshot out of a scanned vacation photo.



939a0c5a-15d1-4e8c-bee5-e094fc0b110eYou took your photo with your cell phone in front of a white wall.



9a6f4a45-cef8-48b6-8776-f8b05aebaaedYou are using a photo that is more than 10 years old or that looks like it’s your high school graduation portrait.



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A big thanks to Image Outfitters Photography for supplying my husband’s professional headshot as well as these headshot blunders.

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