5 Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

Woman reading email on Iphone

We have a new look for our Maureen’s Marketing Moment newsletter this month. That’s because we’ve recently updated our website and our email templates to be more mobile-friendly.


Just four short years ago, only a small percentage of emails were opened on mobile devices. Today, however, more than 50% of emails are accessed while customers are on the go. Likewise, customers are now likely to give up on your website if they cannot easily navigate it on their mobile devices.

So how can you make your emails more mobile-friendly, i.e., easily read on a desktop or an iPhone or a tablet?

5 Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

  1. Be concise. Less is more in the age of mobile communication.
  2. Use a single column template as it will more consistently display across multiple devices. Single column templates also have a more updated, clean look.
  3. Use a single, clear call to action. Make sure your email lets readers know what you want them to do. And if your call to action is a button or link, be sure that it is very easy to click. (Think white space!)
  4. Avoid tiny fonts. What may look fine on a desktop can look like fine print on an iPhone.
  5. Be careful with images. Apple’s iOS will display images by default, but many platforms–like Android–will turn off images by default. So always make sure your email makes sense, even without its images displayed.

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