Email is Dead . . . NOT!

Email icon (Canva)The demise of email has been predicted for almost a decade. Yet year after year, the statistics prove the email skeptics wrong. In fact, recent research by the Radicati Group predicts a 27% growth in email accounts by 2018.

And those accounts will receive a lot of email; over 100 billion emails are sent every hour. (Yes, we said hour not day.)

Why are smart marketers using so much email? Perhaps it’s because email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter (McKinsey & Company). It makes sense. Just think about it. When Facebook sends a notification that someone has posted on your wall, how do most people get that notification? You got it—email!

But the days of email blasting everyone are gone—if you want to market effectively.  Savvy marketers know you must send targeted emails containing valuable information to an interested audience.

To read more amazing email statistics, see my note below.

Happy Marketing!

[This Maureen’s Marketing Moment was based on 10 Email Marketing Statistics for 2014. Read more here.]

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