Email Marketing Works — Even for Imperfect People

PerfectionismIf you ever want to know if people are reading your emails, just make a mistake. We did, and you let us know it. In a recent newsletter, we featured head shot photo
blunders and linked to the wrong site.

But guess what!

We still got a great open rate, plenty of reader engagement, and enhanced our brand. Why?


Because email marketing works . . . even for imperfect people.


Too often people have analysis paralysis when it comes to creating emails. In the pursuit of perfection, they become overwhelmed and then don’t communicate regularly with their audience.


Such was the case with Kathy. She was spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect picture. When she couldn’t, she just wouldn’t email.


But email marketing doesn’t work if you don’t hit the SEND button!


After a brief consultation, Kathy and I developed a plan to simplify. Together we came to the conclusion that her best option would be to send out an imperfect email. And it worked!


She writes:


Amazing! I already got the campaign done in just a couple of minutes.


Jeez! I wish I had thought of just keeping it simple, but sometimes we get so bogged down with other stuff we don’t always see the simple solutions.






The pursuit of perfection can be a good thing. But communicating with your audience on a regular basis — even in an imperfect way — can be even better.

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