Smiling toddlerHeaven Sent Children Adoption was founded in 1991 with the belief that every child deserves a loving home prepared to meet a child’s emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs. This Tennessee-based nonprofit also works to support adoptive parents, providing education and resources before, during, and after an adoption.

So, how could they get the word out about the good they are doing?

“We’ve been wanting to ramp up our organization’s marketing for a while now,” said Denise Hobbs of Heaven Sent Children. “Getting the word out about our mission and services is vital to our agency. The Giving Back Program is just what we needed! Maureen was so helpful during our launch call and made it all so easy.”

Glad to hear it, Denise! It was our pleasure to help such a great cause.

[Apply for the Giving Back Program at]

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