For over 30 years, the Koinonia Home For Teens has been bringing hope to at-risk youth. For the last four to five years, they’ve been preparing to start email marketing to get people more involved in their program but needed a little help to get started. They found that help through the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program.

“We’re extremely grateful for this program and excited to start using Constant Contact as we believe it will be the perfect tool to help us,” said Camilla Ryland, Office Manager for Koinonia Home for Teens. “The Giving Back Program is of immense value to our nonprofit. First, the donation to pay for the service was a big help to the bottom line of our nonprofit. But more importantly, the connection with Maureen is really helping us to go forward and tackle something that had seemed like a big mountain to us before. Maureen is very encouraging. I’m now confident I can go forward and succeed with Constant Contact.”

Glad to make things easier for you, Camilla! Thanks for applying for the Giving Back Program.

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