Privacy and Social Media

In recent years, businesses have been adopting social media in record numbers. In fact, Social Media Today reports that 90% of small businesses are now actively engaged in using social media.

So, how do you get your business out there while still protecting your privacy?

–Consider keeping separate personal and business accounts. For example, create a business Facebook Page to post business pictures and tips. Then share your more personal pictures in your personal Facebook account just with family and friends.

–Set up privacy settings and restrictions when applicable. Most small businesses will want the majority of their social networking to be public. After all, the point is for prospective customers to find you! However, some purposes are better served with restrictions. For example, if you are compiling a list of prospective clients on Twitter, don’t make it a public list viewable by your competitors. Or if you are a moderator of a LinkedIn group, you may want to restrict access to members who contribute and reject those just trying to spam others.

–Above all, remember that whatever you tweet, post, or blog is potentially public. Even social networks like Snapchat that claim anonymity have learned the hard way. If you wouldn’t say it to your boss, the pastor next door, AND your mother, don’t preserve it for posterity.

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