Small Biz Lessons from the Olympic Games

I hope you enjoyed the recent Olympic games as much as I did. There’s nothing quite like seeing years of perseverance culminate in an Olympic medal.  

Thinking about Olympic success, I realized there were many parallels to succeeding in small business. Below I’ve shared three of my insights.Small Biz Lessons from the Olympic Games 

Consistent, long-term effort: In interview after interview, I heard the athletes talk about their hard work over many years. Many athletes were not instantly successful. As small business owners, are we seeking instant success?  Or are we patiently building our businesses with perseverance over time?

Evaluate and Improve: During the games, I saw athletes constantly evaluating their performances, looking for small ways to improve. They sought advice from their coaches and teammates. Likewsie, are we taking the time to evaluate our small businesses? Are we seeking sage business advice?

Enjoy the Ride:  The network commentators often talked about how relaxed or uptight the athletes were. Evidently, athletes perform best when they relax and have fun. I think that’s true about most endeavors. Do you want to succeed in the rollercoaster ride of small business? Then remember to love what you do!

Do you see any other parallels between the Olympics and your quest to build a business? If you do, then please drop me a line and share your wisdom. 

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