36 Free Image Creation Tools

36-Free-Image-Creation-3In July’s Maureen’s Marketing Moment, I shared how important images are in marketing and provided you with 14 free stock photo sites.

So, now that you have the images, what should you do with them?

How about creating a logo for your new business? Or designing an infographic to share tips on Facebook? Or perhaps you simply want to build the perfect Facebook Page cover photo. Whatever you want to achieve, chances are one of these 36 tools will make it easy. So what are you waiting for? Start Creating

P.S. I created the image for this blog post using Quozio, one of the 36 tools.

Giving Back Program Recipient is in the News

We’re excited to see one of our Giving Back Program recipients, FamilyGreenSurvival, recently featured on Fox 40 News.

Led by Founder and President Gopal Kapur, this organization donates nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods to local food banks and community service organizations as part of their BagOfLife Program.

“As a newly formed nonprofit, we know it’s important that we routinely reach out to donors as well as the general public so they will understand our program,” said Kapur. “We were looking for an easy-to-use program that we could tailor to our needs, and we found our solution with Constant Contact.”

“However, there is always the problem of having funds to do important things when you are a newly formed nonprofit,” said Kapur. “We are so thankful for the Giving Back Program which included a donation to our nonprofit to cover six months of email marketing. And the training that Maureen did was also very helpful. As a major training company ourselves, we understand the value of good training. Maureen was very prepared and made starting Constant Contact an easy task.”

Thanks for the kind words, Gopal. And congratulations on all the press you are getting for your good works. You deserve it!

Why You Should Use Images in Your Marketing

In this post, we’re sharing a short (60-second) video explaining why images are a critical component of your marketing.

Ready to use the power of pictures in your marketing? Fortunately, there are a number of websites that offer stock images for free. Check out these 14 Free Photo Websites.

YMCA Northern Utah logoWhen starting email marketing, the YMCA of Northern Utah originally did not use Constant Contact as their email service provider. As their email lists grew, however, they knew they needed more support.

So they turned to Constant Contact and the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program. “It was great to have Maureen hold our hand and help us get set up with Constant Contact,” said Adrienne Shaw Smith, Marketing and Events Manager.

In addition to the training, the Giving Back Program provided a custom branded template and a monetary donation to the YMCA. “We’re really appreciative of these benefits,” said Shaw Smith. “As a nonprofit, every dollar we can save means more we can spend on our programs,” she added.

Glad to hear you’ll now have more to spend on the kids, Adrienne. Thanks for being part of our Giving Back Program.

7 Reasons to Work at a Small Business

Al GonzalezIn a recent survey by Constant Contact, more than half of small business owners said they feel they can never be away from their business. In fact, more than 40 percent said they don’t take vacations. Yet, an overwhelming 84% of small business owners said that they would do it all again. Read on to learn some of the reasons why you and your peers love what you do.

What’s Great About Working at a Small Biz?

– Having a wide variety of challenges and experiences -Rick R.

– Being in control of my own destiny -David M.

– Having time to do the things I need to do -Suzanne E.

– The autonomy to do what I feel is right and to respond quickly -Franklin B.

– The freedom and flexibility -Michelle W.

– The power to work more efficiently — my people know the boss is accessible. -Kimanh D.

– The chance to be creative and be the one making business decisions -Elaine B.

composite_Giving Back 14286167895661Since launching in August 2014, we’ve been able to help over a dozen nonprofits across the nation through the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program — donating over $5,000 in money/time.

As we’ve helped these nonprofits get started with Constant Contact email marketing, a clear theme has emerged: The Giving Back Program Makes it Easy for Nonprofits!

“I’m a novice,” said Marsha Krouse-Taylor, Executive Director of Casa de Esperanza. “We knew Constant Contact had a great reputation, but we needed some expertise to get up and running with email marketing. That’s where Maureen and the Giving Back Program came in. Maureen made it really easy!” said Krouse-Taylor.

“We were so grateful to discover Maureen and the Giving Back Program,” said Sherry Douden, Executive Director of New Mourning/Insights Counseling Group. “The email marketing training was very helpful and has given us more confidence in using the program. And the branded template will be a huge timesaver for our organization,” added Douden.

“We’re involved with other nonprofits who use and love Constant Contact,” said Stephanie Carmichael, Resource Development Director for Child Advocates of Placer County. “When we were ready to start, Maureen made it really easy.”

“We’ve used Mail Chimp in the past, but we wanted to consolidate. Before we had three different software programs. Constant Contact has everything we need with one company,” added Carmichael.

[Apply for the Giving Back Program at bit.ly/givingbackprogram.]

Celebrate Your Community!

CC-cake-group-6-24-14-300x250Are you so focused on obtaining new customers that you’re neglecting your loyal customers, i.e., your community?

If so, you’re making a big mistake. Obtaining a new customer is 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining a current customer. And did you know that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers?

These are two compelling reasons for you to make time to celebrate and show appreciation to your “tribe.”

And on that note, be sure to enter our Dudley & Nunez Community Celebration this month. (Enter on the righthand side of this webpage throughout the month of April 2015.) There’s nothing to buy, no hidden obligation, and no strings attached to this giveaway — just a simple entry form for you to fill out. This celebration is a token of our appreciation to those who read our newsletter, attend our seminars/webinars, or consult with us.

Thanks for being part of our community!

Blogging – Your Guide to Getting Started

BlogRecently, I consulted with Jeff Hamric of Sacramento Appraisal Group about his email marketing. As part of our discussion, he shared that he uses his email newsletter to drive traffic to his blog. Take a look. Jeff is doing an amazing job.

Have you been thinking about starting a blog for your business? Perhaps you want to get started but don’t know how?

Constant Contact provides a lot of educational resources, and we are always on the lookout for gems we can share with our newsletter readers such as this ebook about blogging. Read the Guide.

 Don’t forget: A blog and an email newsletter are a perfect combination. A blog is a great way to get content for your email newsletter.  And your email newsletter can drive people back to your blog.

Say it with Pictures!

Poppies and mountainAre you including images in your marketing? If not, you need to start leveraging the power of visual content. Studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Read More

Below are four free (or almost-free) sources we use.


Calendar pictureFor $1, we created this picture to promote the launch date of our Giving Back Program, using the online design software of Canva.



Previously called stock.xchng, freeimages.com allows users to contribute, share, and download high-resolution photographs and illustrations free of charge. When Celia and I launched our partnership on a shoestring budget, we found most of our website photos through this site.

Big Stock (Pro Images)

If you want to shop for the perfect image from millions of photos, check out Big Stock. You receive one free image a month. If you want to purchase images, you may do so from their website or directly from within a Constant Contact account.


Aviary is a free third-party image editing tool built right into Constant Contact. After selecting a free photo in Constant Contact, you can crop it using Aviary–and even add your own quote.