Giving Back Program Brings Tears of Gratitude

Designing for a Difference.png_srz_p_434_248_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz copyWe recently held our second annual Nonprofit Super Summit. It was here that we met Latiya Gholar, the Executive Director for Designing for a Difference — a nonprofit that teaches fashion design to the community. They also have a fashion based after-school program that promotes self-esteem and creativity.

After the Summit, Gholar applied for our Giving Back Program.

“I can see how Constant Contact is really going to help me organize my contacts and promote our organization,” said Gholar. “As Maureen walked me through the setup, it actually brought tears to my eyes to see how everything is done for me within the Constant Contact software.”

“And the training provided by Maureen was a huge timesaver and great motivation,” said Gholar. “With Maureen as an accountability partner, I was able to take the steps I needed to go forward.”

Glad to help, Latiya! Thanks for being part of the Giving Back Program.