Why You Should Use Images in Your Marketing

In this post, we’re sharing a short (60-second) video explaining why images are a critical component of your marketing.

Ready to use the power of pictures in your marketing? Fortunately, there are a number of websites that offer stock images for free. Check out these 14 Free Photo Websites.

YMCA Northern Utah logoWhen starting email marketing, the YMCA of Northern Utah originally did not use Constant Contact as their email service provider. As their email lists grew, however, they knew they needed more support.

So they turned to Constant Contact and the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program. “It was great to have Maureen hold our hand and help us get set up with Constant Contact,” said Adrienne Shaw Smith, Marketing and Events Manager.

In addition to the training, the Giving Back Program provided a custom branded template and a monetary donation to the YMCA. “We’re really appreciative of these benefits,” said Shaw Smith. “As a nonprofit, every dollar we can save means more we can spend on our programs,” she added.

Glad to hear you’ll now have more to spend on the kids, Adrienne. Thanks for being part of our Giving Back Program.

7 Reasons to Work at a Small Business

Al GonzalezIn a recent survey by Constant Contact, more than half of small business owners said they feel they can never be away from their business. In fact, more than 40 percent said they don’t take vacations. Yet, an overwhelming 84% of small business owners said that they would do it all again. Read on to learn some of the reasons why you and your peers love what you do.

What’s Great About Working at a Small Biz?

– Having a wide variety of challenges and experiences -Rick R.

– Being in control of my own destiny -David M.

– Having time to do the things I need to do -Suzanne E.

– The autonomy to do what I feel is right and to respond quickly -Franklin B.

– The freedom and flexibility -Michelle W.

– The power to work more efficiently — my people know the boss is accessible. -Kimanh D.

– The chance to be creative and be the one making business decisions -Elaine B.