Still Marketing Like It’s 2015?

Recently we updated our email template . . . again! Yes, it looks very similar to the update we did last January. So why would we update again? (Hint: Read on!)

3 Reasons to Update to a Mobile-Responsive Template

1. Mobile-friendly is no longer enough. It may have been okay in 2015 to use a template that was designed with mobile devices in mind (think one-column, limited pictures, etc.). However, it is now a best practice to choose a template that is actually coded to reformat itself depending on the reader’s screen size. Our new mobile-responsive template actually increases font size and moves pictures around as necessary for increased readability. Mobile-friendly templates are out. Mobile-responsive templates are in!

2. Your readers expect it.When email doesn’t look good on a mobile device, 75% of your readers will delete it, and 30% will unsubscribe. Remember: More than half of all email is now being opened on a mobile device.

3. It’s easy to upgrade to mobile-responsive emails. If you’re using an email service provider like Constant Contact, you already have access to dozens of mobile-responsive templates at no additional charge. Need help finding those templates? Schedule a complimentary consultation with me by clicking here.