Giving Back Program Helps Families in Need

Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center offers free counseling, education classes, and case management for families in need. They recently started Constant Contact email marketing through the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program.

“We’re looking forward to using email marketing to develop deeper relationships with our constituents,” said Gary McDonald, Executive Director. “Email will help us have more meaningful contact in more significant ways.”

“We couldn’t have done it without Maureen and the Giving Back Program,” said McDonald. “It made getting started a no-risk situation.”

So happy we could help, Gary. We are delighted we could be part of such a worthy cause.

Giving Back Program Brings Tears of Gratitude

Designing for a Difference.png_srz_p_434_248_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz copyWe recently held our second annual Nonprofit Super Summit. It was here that we met Latiya Gholar, the Executive Director for Designing for a Difference — a nonprofit that teaches fashion design to the community. They also have a fashion based after-school program that promotes self-esteem and creativity.

After the Summit, Gholar applied for our Giving Back Program.

“I can see how Constant Contact is really going to help me organize my contacts and promote our organization,” said Gholar. “As Maureen walked me through the setup, it actually brought tears to my eyes to see how everything is done for me within the Constant Contact software.”

“And the training provided by Maureen was a huge timesaver and great motivation,” said Gholar. “With Maureen as an accountability partner, I was able to take the steps I needed to go forward.”

Glad to help, Latiya! Thanks for being part of the Giving Back Program.

composite_Giving Back 14286167895661Since launching in August 2014, we’ve been able to help over a dozen nonprofits across the nation through the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program — donating over $5,000 in money/time.

As we’ve helped these nonprofits get started with Constant Contact email marketing, a clear theme has emerged: The Giving Back Program Makes it Easy for Nonprofits!

“I’m a novice,” said Marsha Krouse-Taylor, Executive Director of Casa de Esperanza. “We knew Constant Contact had a great reputation, but we needed some expertise to get up and running with email marketing. That’s where Maureen and the Giving Back Program came in. Maureen made it really easy!” said Krouse-Taylor.

“We were so grateful to discover Maureen and the Giving Back Program,” said Sherry Douden, Executive Director of New Mourning/Insights Counseling Group. “The email marketing training was very helpful and has given us more confidence in using the program. And the branded template will be a huge timesaver for our organization,” added Douden.

“We’re involved with other nonprofits who use and love Constant Contact,” said Stephanie Carmichael, Resource Development Director for Child Advocates of Placer County. “When we were ready to start, Maureen made it really easy.”

“We’ve used Mail Chimp in the past, but we wanted to consolidate. Before we had three different software programs. Constant Contact has everything we need with one company,” added Carmichael.

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The mission of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is to provide basic human necessities to those in need. The Roseville-based branch of this program regularly provides individuals and families with food, clothing, and medical care.

“We knew we needed to use email marketing to get in front of the supporters of our local food bank and thrift store,” said Sharleen Schuiling, Social Media Specialist for St. Vincent de Paul, Roseville.

Schuiling had seen email marketing be successful for a sister thrift store in Sacramento, but it was a challenge to find the time and resources to get going. Then a board member suggested checking out the Dudley & Nunez Communications Giving Back Program.

“Dudley & Nunez was extremely helpful and streamlined the whole process,” said Schuiling. “The donation to our organization, the training, and the customized template made getting started a no-brainer.”

Thanks, St. Vincent de Paul, for making South Placer a better place for all!

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