Taking Your Brand Beyond a Logo

When you think of branding, do the golden arches come to mind? Or perhaps that famous Nike swoosh?

While these are good examples of visual branding, you need more than looks to build a solid brand. According to brand strategist Maria Ross, “Brand is the story you tell and the position you occupy in people’s minds. There are markets and target audiences for everything but it’s your job as a business owner or marketing leader to be crystal clear . . . .”

3 Ways to Build a Solid Verbal Brand

–Set the Tone: Do your words leave someone feeling your brand will improve your customer’s life? How? Don’t leave people guessing. Even the nicest customer wants to know, “What’s in it for me?”

–Match Your Audience and Culture: Do your words fit your industry, your target audience, and your company’s culture? For example, at Dudley & Nunez, our verbal brand might best be described as “friendly expert.” Therefore, we need to keep our communications helpful and accessible. (No ultra-specialized techno speak here!)

–Be Consistent: Just as you wouldn’t switch out your logo each week, your overarching messaging should stay consistent within your communications. So, for example, if you want people to know you’re a chiropractor specializing in sports injuries, deliver that message repeatedly to solidify your verbal brand.

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